Texas Leather Ranger Belt

We custom make our Texas leather ranger belt to your specifications. They are available in all sizes including extra long. You can also order with or without a buckle. You select the belt's leather type, color, width, buckle and accents. You can order a ranger belt 1-1/4" wide or 1-1/2" wide. The 1-1/4" wide belt uses a 3/4" buckle or buckle set. The 1-1/2" wide belt can be ordered with a 3/4" or 1" buckle or buckle set. Six holes are punched to accommodate a custom fit. The selection of features to build your belt are described below. 

Above is a British Brown Bridle leather ranger belt with buckle set #15 and medium brown edge stitching.

To build and order your custom made Texas ranger belt please go to the bottom of this page and make your selections from the drop down menus.

Harness Leather Texas Ranger Belt

Our Texas Ranger belt is available in 9-10 oz (9/64" to 5/32" thick) oak tanned harness leather or 10-12 oz (5/32" to 3/16" thick) English bridle leather. The ranger belt to the right has 1" wide black billets and 1-1/2" wide tan base. Shown with a stainless steel roller buckle.

Black Texas Ranger Belt

To the right is a black bridle leather ranger belt with the 1" stainless steel roller buckle.

Tan Bridle Leather Ranger Belt

To the right is a tan bridle leather ranger belt with tan stitching and the #6 buckle set. The belt is 1.5" wide with 1" billets.

The ranger belt below right is medium brown harness leather with one keeper loop. Customer ordered this belt without a buckle. He was going to install a western style trophy buckle on it.  The actual belt color has a little less red than what is shown in the picture.  

Medium Brown Harness Leather Ranger Belt
Medium Brown Texas Ranger Belt

Harness leather is hand dyed and finished. Harness leather is a firm leather and has a sealed finish with a wax topcoat. The back of the harness leather belt can be left natural or dyed and sealed for a finished look. For Black belts we recommend an un-dyed sealed back.

Bridle leather is a thicker more supple leather. Bridle leather is dyed and pre-finished at the tannery. The leather ranger belt shown in the picture at the top of this page is made from bridle leather. The billets are 3/4" wide and medium brown. The base belt is black and 1-1/4" wide. Shown with a solid brass roller buckle.

The Billets and edges of our Texas leather Ranger Belt are beveled, coated, burnished, dyed and harness stitched.

Available Colors

Our Ranger belt come in six colors of bridle leather and six colors of harness leather. See color charts below. 


Bridle leather is dyed and finished on both sides at the tannery. 



Medium Brown

British Brown

Dark Brown



The harness leather colors (left) are as close to the true colors as I can get. They, are standard colors and the belts are hand dyed by me.  In actuality the colors in hand finished leather will vary within the same piece of leather similar to the way the color of wood varies when using stain. Every piece may have somewhat of a different shade. 

Colors shown (left to right) is natural, tan, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black.

The back of harness leather belts can be left "Natural"or  sealed with a clear sealer.  

Ranger Belt Available Buckles

Set #3 Available for 3/4" and 1" belts/billets.

Diablo - Available with one keeper only.

Set #4.5
Available in 1" only.

Silvery Floral. Available with one keeper only.

Set #6
Available in 1" only.

Silver plated - Available with one keeper only.

Set #7
Available in 1" only.

Silver planted.  Available with one keeper only.

Buckle Sets below are available with one or two keepers.  Select the number of keepers during check out.  One keeper will be used if "as needed" is selected.

Set #11
Available  3/4"

Set #11
Available  1"

Set #12
Available in 3/4" and 1".
Set #13
Available in 3/4" and 1"
Set #15
Available 3/4" only.
Set #20
Available in 3/4" only.

Set #21
Available in 1" only.

Set #22
Available in 1" only.
Set #24
Available in 1" only.
Set #25
Available in 1" only.

Individual Buckles shown Below

#1.0.0 for 3/4"
#1.4 for 1"

Solid brass roller.

#1.2.1 for 3/4"
#1.2.2 for 1"

Chrome finish over solid brass roller

#1.2.3 for 3/4" On Backorder
#1.2.4 for 1"

Stainless Steel roller

Available in 1".

Nickel finish over solid brass.  Oval center bar buckle. No keeper loop is required for a center bar buckle.

Available in 1"

Solid brass. Oval center bar buckle.  No keeper loop is required for a center bar buckle.

#16.0 1"
#16.1 in 3/4"

Stainless steel roller buckle.

#16.3 for 1"
#16.4 for 3/4"

Solid brass roller buckle with stainless steel tongue.

#17.1 for 3/4"
#17.2 for 1"

Nickel finish over solid brass.

#17.5.1 for 3/4"
#17.6 for 1"

Solid brass.

#18.0.2 for 3/4"

#18.0.2 3/4" is Stainless steel.

#18.3.1 for 3/4"
#18.4 for 1"

Solid brass

Belt Measurement - Center Hole Measurement

It is extremely important to provide me with your correct belt measurement. I cannot accept returns for belts that are too big or small if the wrong measurement is provided. So please take the time to measure before ordering.

See Determining Your Belt Measurement before ordering. if you are ordering a belt with a buckle the measurement (center hole measurement) should include the length of the buckle.

If you are ordering a belt without a buckle  click here for measurement instructions.  Belts ordered without a buckle the measurement (center hole measurement) should be from where the belt folds over the buckle (inside dimension) to the center hole.   

Please measure per our instructions.

Note that the Ranger Belt Billet has six holes with three holes longer and two holes shorter from the center hole.  The additional hole in the length direction is added to help compensate for winter clothing, if the belt is used as a gun belt and the thicker leather of the ranger belt.

The additional hole in the length direction adds 1” to the overall length of the tongue.  Also if you order two keeper loops this will add approximately 1” to the overall length of the tongue.  If you prefer a shorter tongue than make a note in the Comment field when ordering to punch only five holes and/or only order one keeper loop.

Note: If a belt is being ordered without a buckle and you have belt keeper/s that you are planning to add to the belt, you must select one or two keepers when ordering so we know to design the belt with fasteners (e.g., Chicago screws, snaps, etc.) for one or two keepers.  

Build and Order Your Custom Made Texas Ranger Belt

Required Selection *

Belt Width *

Center Hole Measurement *
Please measure. See above.

Select Belt Base Leather & Color *

Select Billet's Color *

Buckle Number or No Buckle *

Keeper Loop/s *

Brass, Nickel or Black Screws

If no buckle do you want tongue slot?

Back of Belt Finish

Edge Stitching Thread Color

Basket Weave embossing?


More pictures of Ranger Belts

Harness Leather Ranger Belt.   1-1/2" wide dark brown base strap with 1" light brown billets.    Buckle is a 1" solid brass roller buckle #1.4.  Tan edge stitching.  Medium brown edge stitching on this belt looks very nice on this brown belt.

Above is a harness leather ranger belt.  1-1/2" wide medium brown base strap with dark brown 3/4" billets with the #17.5.1 solid brass buckle.  When one keeper loop is used (instead of two) the tongue is approximately 1" shorter which some customers prefer.

Above ranger belt is made with black bridle leather, buckle set #15 and white edge stitching.  The base strap is 1.5" wide and the billet is 3/4" wide.

If you would like to learn more about the history of the Texas Ranger click here

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