Leather Belt without Buckle

Our Leather Belt Straps Are Hand Made To Your Specifications

Need a leather belt without buckle? Look no further. We will hand make your leather belt strap based on your needs.

You can build and order a custom leather belt without buckle below.

When ordering you select:

  • Harness or Bridle leather
  • Belt width
  • Belt Center Hole Length Measurement
  • Belt Color
  • Do you want belt buckle slot?
  • Brass or Nickel Chicago screw fasteners?
  • Do you want keeper loops?
  • Do you want back finished?

Determining Your Center Hole Length Measurement:

Shown below are two methods for determining the Center Hole Measurement.  The first method uses your current belt and measures from the where the belt folds over the buckle to the Most Used hole.  

The second method uses a cloth tape measure to measure around your waist through your belt loops.  This measurement minus the buckle length equal the CHM.

I highly recommend you use both methods.  They should equal the same result (or close to it) and is a good way to double check your measurement.

Method #1

When ordering a leather belt without a buckle I will need your Center Hole Length Measurement. Your "Center Hole Length" for a belt without a buckle is the length from where the belt folds over the buckle (inside dimension)** to the hole you use the most.  Again measure from inside the fold (not outside) to the most used hole.  This is your "Center Hole Length" and will be used to make your new belt as shown on the above diagram. This will make your new belt fit properly on the center hole. If you anticipate a change in your waist size, you can add or subtract one inch from this measurement.

REALIZE that attaching your buckle will make the belt longer so you must take the buckle length into consideration when determining your overall belt length. Since I don't have your buckle it is up to you to allow for this.   On Trophy or Western type buckles*** it is the distance from where the leather attaches to the buckle's bracket to the pin (a.k.a prong).  A belt with a heel bar or center bar buckle the buckle the length is shown in the diagrams below.  See **

I only need the "Center Hole Length Measurement" when ordering a leather belt without a buckle as shown on diagram above.

Method #2:

ALTERNATIVE WAY OF DETERMING YOUR CENTER HOLE MEASUREMENT: Using a cloth tape measure.  If using this alternative measurement, please check this against the above instructions just to make sure.  The two measurements should equal the same result or very close to it.

Ordering a belt without a buckle:

Run a cloth tape measure around your pants through the belt loops.  Make it snug like you would a belt.   This measurement equals your overall center hole measurement which will include the length of the buckle**.  Since you are ordering a belt without a buckle you need to subtract the length of the buckle from this measurement.

This measurement I will use to make the new belt from the where the belt folds over the buckle** to the center hole. For example if the overall measurement is 38" and the buckle length** for the new belt is 2”.   You would subtract 2” from the overall length of 38” to equal 36”.  This is the CHM I need when ordering a belt without a buckle.   The belt measurement from the belt fold to the center hole would be 36”.  You would add the 2” buckle to make the overall measurement 38”.

The part of the buckle that adds length to the overall CHM

** On a Heel Bar type buckles the buckle length is the distance from where the leather folds over the heel bar to where the tongue rest of on the buckle’s front frame.  See following diagram;

** On a Center Bar type buckles the buckle length is the distance from where the leather folds over the center bar to where the tongue rest of on the buckle’s front frame.  See following diagram;

*** On Trophy or Western type buckles the buckle length is the distance from where the leather folds over the bracket to where the pin is (a.k.a. prong).  See following diagram;

Tongue Slot, Chicago Screws (fasteners) and Keeper Loop?

When ordering a leather belt without a buckle we will need to know if you want the belt to have:

  • A tongue slot.
  • Type of finish for the Chicago screw fasteners (i.e. nickel or solid brass). Other fasteners (e.g. snaps, rivets) are also available.
  • Do you need keeper loop and if so how many?

You can select these items as you build your belt below.

For more information on tongue slot, Chicago screws (fastener) and keeper loops click here.

Belt Holes and Edges:

These leather belt straps have 5 holes one inch apart. Belts over 50" in length get 7 holes. The belt edges are beveled, burnished, and dyed by hand with attention to detail. Natural harness leather belts I hand burnish the edges but do not dye them.

If you want something different just send me a note in the comment section below. Or go to Contact Us to ask me your question.

Belt Colors for a Leather Belt without buckle

Harness Leather Colors:

When hand staining leather every piece is different. It is like staining wood. Variations in color happens because the grain density varies and the dye is absorbed differently throughout the belt. The colors shown below are as close to the true colors as I can get. Harness leather colors shown below (left to right) is natural, tan, light brown, medium brown, dark brown (very dark brown) and black.  Note again the dark brown is very dark brown.

Bridle Leather Colors:  

Bridle leather is available in six colors. From left to right; tan, chestnut, medium brown, British brown, dark brown and black. Please note that British Brown Bridle leather normally is thicker than the other bridle leathers and can be as thick as 1/4". It is also firmer than the other Bridle leathers.





Medium Brown

British Brown

Dark Brown


Belt Back Finish:

The back of the harness leather belt without buckle can be left Natural or Non dyed and sealed with a clear sealer to make it smooth.

The Bridle leather belt without buckle is dyed and finished on both sides at the tannery. The back side of the belt is the flesh side which absorbs dye differently than the top side therford the color may be a different shade than the top (front) side.

Prong Hole Size:

The standard hole size (diameter) used for 1" belts is 1/8": For 1.25" wide belts 5/32":  For 1.5" wide belt 11/64":  For 1.75" wide belt 3/16".  If a different size hole is needed please make a note in the comment field.  For belts using a Western type buckle with a prong that fits into the hole, a snug fit will provide the best fit.   Please contact us if the hole size needed is not listed.

The picture shown left is not to scale.  Please measure.

Note: If a belt is being ordered without a buckle and you have belt keeper/s that you are planning to add to the belt, you must select one or two keepers when ordering so we know to design the belt with fasteners (e.g., Chicago screws, snaps, etc.) for one or two keepers.  

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