Double Prong Belts

Double Prong Natural Leather Belt

Our double prong belts are custom made to your specification. These two (tongue) prong belts are available in 9-10 oz harness leather or 10-12 oz bridle leather.

Six colors of harness leather and six colors of bridle leather is available to choose from. The width is 1-1/2" (1.5").

Available with five, six, seven double rows  or double rows the entire length of the belt.  Belts with six rows of holes have three holes from the center hole going in the length direction and two holes from the center hole going toward the short direction (towards the buckle end).  If you want six holes punched differently please make a note in the Comment field when ordering.  Seven holes there are three holes on each side of the center hole. 

Above right is a natural harness leather double prong belt with the nickle buckle.

Below  is a two prong belt made with British medium brown bridle leather. It has two keeper loops and holes punched the length of the belt.  Edges are stitched with tan (wheat)  thread.  The British brown leather is only available in belt length up to  a 42" center hole measurement.

Double Prong British Brown Bridle Leather Belt

The double prong belt below is made with black bridle leather.  Edges are stitched with black thread.

Edge stitching, edge groove, basketweave embossing and additional keeper loops are custom options and accents that are available to choose from. Size range from 28" to 65".

Chicago screws are used to secure the buckle and keeper loops. 

Your order will be shipped within two to four business days. All of our double prong belts are made by hand in the USA.

The four belts pictured above are made from bridle leather.  Top two are dark brown followed by medium brown and black.  The buckles from the top is brass, nickel, and two flat finish nickel.   Two keepers look nice but remember the tongue needs to be a little longer (approximately 1"-1.5") in order to make it through both loops when fastened to the last hole.

Above are more bridle leather double prong belts.  Colors from top down are black, British brown, medium brown and tan.    The belts in the above picuture are laying on a dark brown bridle leather hide.

Double Prong Buckles

Nickel Plate finish over Solid Brass

Nickel over Solid Brass Double Prong Buckle

Natural Brass finish, Solid Brass

Solid Brass Double Prong Buckle

Flat Nickel over Solid Brass

Antique Solid Brass

These buckles are made from Low Lead Brass under 100ppm

Belt Colors

For harness leather and bridle leather colors click here.

Belt Measurement

See Determining Your Belt Measurementpage before ordering. It is extremely important to provide me with your correct belt measure. I cannot accept returns for belts that are too big or small if the wrong measurement is provided. So please take the time to measure before ordering.

If you are ordering a belt without a buckle click here for measurement instructions.

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