My custom Ranger Belt with heirloom hardware.

by Bob

Ranger Belt with heirloom hardware

Ranger Belt with heirloom hardware

I have heirloom hardware passed down through my family. I've had several belts using this hardware made locally over the years that I have either outgrown (!) or simply didn't like the end result. I wanted to change the style of the belt and have something a bit more sturdy. I started corresponding with Ken because I was impressed at the level of customization he offers, not only in leather, but the billets, threads, widths, etc. I was extremely impressed with his timely answers and explanations, not to mention the patience he showed in detailing the options and his opinions. I asked a LOT of questions! Of course my biggest concern was, "Would it fit"? I followed all Ken's instructions and double checked all the measurements with him before placing the order. I ended up sending him the hardware to be absolutely sure the belt dimensions would fit. It was not without a little anxiety that I shipped the hardware. (No reflection on Ken, just my feelings about carriers) Ken was wonderful! He let me know they arrived safely and he turned the order around in just a few days. I absolutely love the end result. The belt fits, the hardware looks great, and it exceeded my expectations in quality and build. I wholeheartedly can recommend Ken's service and absolutely will use him again.

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