Gift Certificate for Custom Leather Belt

If you are thinking about purchasing a belt or accessory as a gift for your spouse, family member or friend and you are having difficulty trying to decide on all the features or options they would like - why not just give them a Gift Certificate and let them decide on all of the details! 

Plus the experience is fun and important for the person receiving the custom leather item to actually be able to choose each feature they would like. Besides that, it is much more convenient for the gift giver!

For these reasons and more, we offer Gift Certificates for those wishing to provide one of our products as a gift. Each certificate is assigned a number and entered into our system. Each person receiving a certificate is sent an email notifying them that you have purchased a Gift Certificate for them with the Certificate Code number. Instructions on how to use the Certificate are included in the email notification.

When the person receives the email certificate they are ready to order through our website or they can call in their order. For someone to redeem their Gift Certificate, visit our web site When they have finished adding the belt selections to the shopping cart, they will click "Go to Checkout" and enter the Certificate code on the Billing Information page.   

To complete your purchase of a gift certificate, just click on Purchase Gift Certificate