Excellent quality and well made! Beautiful!

by Sabrina S.

I purchased a belt for my father, who is COMPLETELY FRUSTRATED with the lack of quality in mass produced belts. Splitting apart (dual sided belts), cracking, and broken hardware is what money can buy from the Big Box stores. He purchased a Redhead belt for almost what I paid for this and it cracked after 3 months use! He asked for a new belt for Christmas and I knew I had to find a quality belt maker! Thank you Custom Leather Belts! The belt is beautiful and the quality makes every belt you can buy in store look like the pieces of true shoddiness that they are. The only down side of custom is he knows what he's getting for Christmas, as I had to ask him the measurements for the center hole and preferences on hardware style/metal type. The upside is that I believe he is excited to see your workmanship and finally owning a quality belt. He hopes this is the last belt he will ever need. By the looks of it- it very well could be! Turn around time was 4 DAYS, from order to California. Ken, you do awesome work!

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