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My custom Ranger Belt with heirloom hardware.

I have heirloom hardware passed down through my family. I've had several belts using this hardware made locally over the years that I have either outgrown

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Hell yeah!

Now this a nice belt. Ordered bridle leather brown with brown stitching and nickle buckle. You must have made it the day I ordered! Got here in just a

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Thank You!

It is simply ever so nice to be able to purchase a quality, hand made, made in the USA item. Not inexpensive, true, but worth every penny. If I am remembering

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Peter D.

Dear Ken, I received my tapered and stitched bridle leather belt yesterday. It’s perfect, excellent materials and your cut/stitching is flawless. I have

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John From Hershey PA

Ken, I've had my belt for over a week now and I am very pleased with it. It fits perfectly and it is well made. I'm an older guy and when I opened up

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